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The Media Resource Service (COSER 511) incorporates the latest technology into its offerings. Our more than 9,000 current, subject-specific multimedia resources (streaming video and audio) enhance the curriculum and support students in the learning process.  They utilize the latest technology allowing remote access 24 X 7 for faculty and students. Subscribers are able t select from a variety of vendors. Professional development workshops and training sessions encourage participants to develop skills for integrating multimedia materials effectively into the teaching/learning process.

Online Information Resources (COSER 513) provides subscribers with access to a variety of comprehensive full-text and/or indexed reference databases that complement the K-12 curriculum. Up-to-date resources improve student research through successful searching strategies. Students are able to select the type of information required to meet their needs in a range of formats (citations, abstracts, full-text documents and page-image documents). Staff development workshops provide hands-on opportunities to incorporate databases into the teaching and learning process.  Cost effective database packages for elementary and secondary schools are available. In addition, subscribers are able to select from more than 100 individual online resources. 

Search for Success, a database management system featuring easy one-password access, mobile apps and statistical/usage reports.  Students, faculty and parents will be able to access all of their libraries' databases, including the free databases in NOVELNY. This database management system will help districts obtain maximum use of their online databases in support of the NYS Next Generation Standards.

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