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Recorded Webinars

Technology to Aid the Struggling Reader - sponsored by SLJ and ISTE.  Three panelists:  Michele Haiken - Rye MS English teacher, K.C. Boyd - Lead Librarian East St. Louis (IL) School District, and Cynthia Merrill   - Literacy Consultant.  Excellent webinar.  Michele talked about using gaming to engage students in reading.  K.C. talked about and showed some databases for student engagement in literacy (some that are in NOVELNY:  KIDS INFOBITS  and OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS).  Cynthia talked about and showed how she has been working with school districts to create selfie stations where students singly and in pairs create short videos to answer questions and talk about their engagement in reading.

Promoting Inclusion, Social Equity, and Diversity in Your Library - sponsored by Follett but not related to anything specific to Follett.  Excellent webinar.  Three panelists: K.C. Boyd - Lead Librarian East St. Louis (IL) School District,  Michelle Martin - Beverly Cleary Professor of Children and Youth Services in the Information School at the University of Washington, Craig Seasholes - Teacher-Librarian Seattle Public Schools, Seattle, WA, and author Lynda Mullaly Hunt.  Finding the Perfect Resource

Learning Objective:  Attendees will utilize advanced search techniques to locate digital resources to support readers’ enjoyment and deepen understanding of the books they read. (March 2017)


  • Search efficiently to locate multimedia gems.
  • Examine the variety of resource types to differentiate instruction and engage readers.
  • Collaborate and share resources effortlessly with colleagues, students, and families

 Meet the New ALA Book Award Winners - January 2017 Teach Diverse Books  Cross-Curricular Resources/Springboard to Research.