Supplemental Collections Service

SWBOCES School Library System Supplemental Collection Development Program

(CoSer 513) -- Orders for 2017-18

 This Supplemental Collection Development Program provides an opportunity for school libraries to purchase focused collections of library materials through CoSer 513 (and therefor aidable) to broaden and supplement basic school library collections.  These collections are housed in individual libraries and are contained in the SWBOCES SLS Union Catalog making them available for loan to other participating libraries under the regular CCD policy.  Materials are selected by participants, purchased by School Library System personnel and delivered directly to the school library.

 The amount that goes towards materials for this year is $1,000 per unit.  This means that you will be getting $1,000 worth of books for each Supplemental unit at the cost of $1,200 ($200 admin service charge); your district will receive state aid on that amount the next year. You can create and purchase as many units as you wish.

 It is very important that you over order each unit by 10-20%. As we know, often the fill rate is below 100%.  By creating an order that slightly exceeds the $1,000 amount we ensure that none of your funds are wasted.  The book vendor will fill with available titles.


  1. Complete the Supplemental Collection cover sheet indicating subject topics of your order as well as your preferred vendor.  Orders can be for print books or audiobooks but not DVDs or ebooks.   
  2. Unit topics can be as varied as you need. A few examples are: graphic novels, support for NYS social studies or new science standards, anime, resources for students with special needs, latest award books, high interest nonfiction or fiction, etc.
  3. The deadline for emailing your list of resources to order is Oct 31.  Please send to Melissa Iamonico.
  4. Keep in mind that any shipping, processing or cataloging charges will come out of your $1,000/unit, we suggest that you create your order list from: Mackin, Bound To Stay Bound or Garrett Books which provide free MARC records, shipping, spine labels and barcode; Permabound provides free MARC records and free shipping .  Follett provides free shipping only.
  5. Whichever vendor you select, you will need to have a cataloging profile on file with them.  Please make sure that you have them indicate SWBOCES in the 852 “y” subfield.  It is very important that you do this part.  Prior to sending BOCES your supplemental book list, contact the vendor and update or create a cataloging profile with them.  If you already have one; setup a separate one for your supplemental orders.  Please email Diana Wendell the Cataloging Profile form.
  6. Also, it is very important to remember that the School Library System will be creating the purchase order to the vendor.  Resources will be shipped directly to your school but the invoice will come to the School Library System.
  7. It is also important to keep the packing lists that come with the orders.  When your order is complete, please email Diana Wendell, so that she will know that the School Library System can pay the invoice.

 Thank you.  We look forward to your participation in this new program.  If you have any questions, contact Melissa Iamonico, at the SLS office.